Good Garza, We Got Him!

The end of the day brought the news. After days of speculation and an apparent disintegration of the initial deal, the Texas Rangers and the Chicago Cubs agreed to let the Rangers take Matt Garza off the Cubs’ hands while Chicago will assume responsibility for the careers of Mike Olt, Justin Grimm, C.J. Edwards and a player to be named later.


Matt Garza

Matt Garza, the newest Ranger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Now we’ll get a couple of days of pundits putting in their two cents’ worth about who “won” the trade, after they’ve finished opining the Ryan Braun suspension to death. Since Garza will be a free agent at season’s end, there’s no doubt the Cubs are the winner if the Rangers don’t ink Garza long-term. On the other hand, an extension for Garza would probably put this as a win-win for both teams. Olt was blocked by Adrian Beltre, so his loss was expected. Justin Grimm could have been a serviceable 4th or 5th in the rotation starter in another year or two. Unfortunately, Texas needed him this year and, following a very successful April, continued to get worse with each successive start. Maybe a change of scenery and going back to AAA will put him on the right road back.


The one I was hoping wouldn’t leave was Edwards. While only at the Low-A level with Hickory and at least two or three years away from the bigs, Edwards was as highly regarded as any 48th round draft pick could be. You saw that right- Edwards was a 48th round draft pick in 2011. Over the past two seasons, Edwards has thrown 160+ innings at three different levels with a combined 1.68 ERA. Now get this: In those 160+ innings, Edwards has given up only 94 hits with 207 strikeouts, only 59 walks and here’s how many home runs he’s given up: Zero. Zilch. Nada.


Texas has been after Garza for a while. Two and a half years ago, they offered Tampa Bay Derek Holland as part of a package, but the Rays sent him to the Cubs instead. I expect Jon Daniels will make a full-court press to sign Garza to a multi-year deal following season’s end.


This trade will not put the Rangers over the hump. As poorly as the offense has performed, there’s no denying the need for at least one big bat in the line-up. Alex Rios of the White Sox is discussed a LOT in the Metroplex, since it’s unlikely the Marlins will part with Giancarlo Stanton at least until the off-season. Texas still has decent minor league pieces they can use to try obtaining a hitter. Only 9 days until the trade deadline. The eyes of Texas are on the Rangers’ front office.