Am I Weird?

My favorite vacation spot usually has a beach associated with it, yet today, I would rather be spending time in the desert of Arizona.

These are the smells I usually love the most: bacon, crab, lobster, coffee and steak on the grill. Today, though, I feel like making a trip to Academy just to smell a new baseball glove and the oil to loosen up the leather.

On a daily basis, my favorite wood is the one from which my front door is made, welcoming me home after a hard day at work. Yet today, it is ash and weighs a mere 34 ounces.

As is my custom, I came home today after spending eight hours at a clean, comfortable office. Yet what I really wanted to do today was rub some red dirt on my hands.

Tonight I’ll throw a blue rubber ball and my dog will fetch it and chew on it for awhile. But tonight I’d rather the ball be horsehide with red stitches on it.

Tonight the president gives his State of the Union message, but I’d rather hear Ron Washington talk tonight than Barack Obama. And instead of being in front of the TV, I’d much rather be sitting a few feet behind the first base dugout, enjoying the cool desert air and smelling the newly mowed grass.

Does all of this make me weird?

If it does, then so be it. I am weird. And I am a fan. And Spring Training is here. And all is right with the world.


English: Rolin Custom Baseball Glove

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)



  1. 1211kathy

    I know exactly what you mean! I rush to read every little tidbit out of Surprise each morning. What I really can’t wait for is March 12, when hubby & I head to Surprise for 5 days of baseball & sunshine! (And it get’s better: we’re flying free on AA points!). Try not to be too jealous!