The Generosity of Texas Rangers Fans

For 26 families in Connecticut, I can’t even imagine how the holidays are handled this year. They are face to face with tragedy during what is supposed to be the most joyous time of the year. The American people feel great sorrow over what happened at that elementary school, but these families literally had their hearts torn from their chests.

While tragedies like these are horrific on its face, they also provide the morbid benefit of leading to societal change and incredible outpourings of goodness. Societal change could be coming in the way of stricter gun control laws. Incredible outpourings of goodness are exemplified by Texas Rangers fans.

There are a couple of web sites that are must visits for die-hard Texas Rangers fans. They are both listed on the right hand side of this blog for easy one click access. They are Lone Star Ball, which is an affiliate of SB Nation. The other is The Newberg Report, from Jamey Newberg, who also releases an awesome Newberg Report book every year chronicling everything that was the Texas Rangers for the season: the big league club, the minors, prospects and trade rumors for the year. I’m willing to bet most wired-in Texas Rangers fans visit at least one of these sites on a regular basis.

I bring these sites up because of what they’ve carried out in the midst of tragedy. One of the victims of the shooting in Connecticut was 7-year-old Emilie Parker. In learning more about her, it was revealed that little Emilie was a Texas Rangers fan.

Emilie Parker & Her Dad

Emilie Parker & Her Dad

Almost as soon as this knowledge came to light, the folks at Lone Star Ball started up a memorial fund for Emilie’s family. Within days, Rangers fans contributed over $7,000  to the fund. That was just the beginning. Jamey Newberg was preparing his annual book release party in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and announced that every dollar raised in the auction and raffle of donated items would go to the Emilie Parker Memorial fund. Jamey had his party last night (12/19) and the auction and raffle, as of this writing, raised over $19,000 for the Fund.

I’ve read that Emilie’s father was stunned by the outpouring of monetary support and promised to share the proceeds of the Memorial Fund with other families affected by the Newtown tragedy.

I, like almost every member of the human race, wish what happened at Newtown could be undone and all those who perished could once again be walking on the face of our planet. At the same time, I’m now reminded why Texas Rangers fans are some of the greatest fans in all of sport. I’m proud to be a member of that fraternity.

I wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons. Enjoy your families. Hug them. Let them know how much you love them. And pray that those 26 families can somehow find some peace this Christmas.