Wasted Nights

If one were to deeply peruse what transpired in Arlington Tuesday night, one would presume the Rangers won the game against the Red Sox. One would be wrong.

The Bosox gave the Rangers opportunity after opportunity and the Texans refused to take each and every one of them. For five consecutive innings, the Rangers had runners in scoring position. Only once were they able to plate the run and even that was on a groundout. Texas was 0-9 with runners in scoring position.

The Rangers worked counts againmst Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz, who only threw 54% of his pitches for strikes, yet all they could manage was four hits and three walks against him.

Topping off a miserable night, with the go-ahead run at third base in the eighth inning, former Ranger Vicente Padilla nailed Adrian Beltre with a fast ball to the helment that took Beltre out of the game. While no one has ventured forth an opinion that the pitch from the noted headhunter was anything other than a mistake, it added insult to injury when the Sox scored the winning run in the top of the 9th, handing the win to Padilla.

Yes, it was a miserable night all around, except for the performance of rookie pitcher Martin Perez. Called up for a spot start in place of Colby Lewis, who’s now out for the season with torn ligaments in his throwing arm, the lefty wasn’t dominating but, like Buchholz, was tough when he needed to be. Perez went six innings, allowing five hits, two walks and only a single run.

Just one night earlier, the Rangers broke a long spell of listless baseball with a 9-1 thumping of Boston that had them actually resembling the team that has captured the last two AL Championships. Last night they were back to their old ways.

The only good news to come out of the night was an Angels loss to the Royals, one which actuallt catapulted Oakland into second place in the West. But that only gives Texas one more team to worry about.


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  1. 1211kathy

    I am a half-season ticket holder, watch every game I don’t attend, and was at this game last night with my 11yo nephew back in Texas for a visit from Seattle. This was, BY FAR. the most aggravating, heart-breaking loss of the season thus far. TERRIBLE!! To make matters worse, when I looked out and saw Padilla taking the mound for the 8th, I told my nephew, “Watch, he’ll hit somebody.” Didn’t think it would be Beltre in the helmet! Very scary moment. Thank God it appears he’s ok.