My AL All-Star Game Selections

Here are my selections for this year’s American League All-Star Team:

Catcher: Mike Napoli is the leader here, but even though he’s one of “my” guys (a Ranger), the fact is there are other guys having a better year. My vote goes to Joe Mauer of the Twins in a close decision over AJ Pierzynski of the White Sox.

1st Base: Have you noticed there really hasn’t been that lights out first baseman in the AL this year? That makes it a close race. Prince Fielder of the Tigers may not be having the year we usually expect from Prince Fielder, but it’s enough for him to be my pick.

2nd Base: I love me some Ian Kinsler. Just not enough to give him my vote. It’s still Robinson Cano of the Yankees for me.

Shortstop: Here I will go with my guy. Elvis Andrus is having as good a season, offensively and defensively, as any shortstop in the league.

3rd Base: Josh Hamilton gets all the press for Texas, but Adrian Beltre is quietly having an MVP-caliber year. Beltre is my pick.

Left Field: He’s slumped horribly in June, but his April and May numbers can’t be denied. Josh Hamilton is the pick here.

Center Field: Yeah, he’s officially the enemy, but there’s no denying what this rookie has accomplished in a short time. The Angels’ Mike Trout deserves an All-Star nod.

Right Field: Jose Bautista has the homers and RBI’s, but I just can’t vote for someone hitting only .237. To me, the best right field combination of average and power is Josh Reddick of the Oakland A’s.

Designated Hitter: Edwin Encarnacion belongs on the All-Star team, but David Ortiz of the Red Sox is still having a better year.


One comment

  1. Peter DeMarco

    I’m a bit biased being a Jays fan but you would really put Reddick in over Bautista because of batting average?

    Don’t punish Bautista because of his .197 BABIP this season (while Reddick is putting up a .290 BABIP), that has resulted in a low (unlucky) batting average. Even if you ignore luck Bautista still has a higher OBP and SLG than Reddick (.355/.544 vs. .335/.507).

    Also, considering that Encarnacion has played 30 games at 1B, he probably deserves to get the start at that position.