Pudge Part 2

Here are some pictures from the Ivan Rodriguez pre-game ceremony prior to Monday night’s game with the New York Yankees. Pictures courtesy of 18-Year-Rangers-Fan, who watched the spectacle from the upper deck at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

The Ceremonial First Pitch. In this case, it was a throw from Pudge behind the plate to second base.


Pudge With Original Teammate Nolan Ryan

Pudge With His Original GM, Tom Grieve

Pudge With His Original GM Tom Grieve




  1. WrigleyRegular

    His numbers make him a sure fire lock for the HOF……….. but will he be penalized for ‘possible’ PED’s use. I thought it was kind of interesting that he didn’t take any questions at his retirement Press Conference.


    • An Original Senators Fan


      I thought about that too, but I don’t think it applies for two reasons: 1) He never tested positive and was not named in the Mitchell Report, only in Canseco’s book; and 2) The Barry Bonds vote will come up before Pudge is up for consideration. I believe Bonds will get in despite PED use and that will open the way for Pudge to get in as well. Will there be a first year punishment? Maybe. But he will get in.

  2. 19 Year Ranger Fan

    I don’t think Bonds will get in, there is too much negative surrounding him, Pudge was not as heavily talked about and like OSF said he was only named in Canseco’s book, think he gets in 1st ballot

    • WrigleyRegular

      I’m personally 50/50 on Bonds. I think he will eventually get in. I think Ivan will also get in, but no way first ballot