How Quickly Things Change

Posts have been sporadic as I’ve been in Maryland, helping my mother downsize to a new place.

While going through drawers, I was drawn to a newspaper containing an article my mother was saving. There was a headline in the Sports section which said: Hamilton, Saltalamacchia Key Victory.

Great, I thought. The Rangers won that game. Then I read the article. Turns out the headline was from May, 2007. Josh  Hamilton’s home run led the Cincinnati Reds to victory and future (and now former) Ranger Jarrod Saltalamacchia was hitting the game winner for the Atlanta Braves.

How much things change over just a five year period in baseball.


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  1. WrigleyRegular

    I know what you mean……the Cubs were winning the first of two straight division titles in ’07, now I’ll just be happy with a winning record.