The Game Within The Game

Think Red Sox-Yankees is intense? It looks like Rangers-Angels is starting to heat up.

Before even playing a regular season game in 2012, we’be already seen the following:

1) CJ Wilson tweeted Mike Napoli’s phone number.

2) The Rangers decided not to start Yu Darvish against the Angels in exhibition play Sunday, pitching him instead in a minor league game.

3) The Angels quickly followed suit, pulling Wilson from starting Sunday against his old team and pitching a minor league game himself.

The regular season is two weeks away, but it sure looks like the games, or at least the gamesmanship, has already started.



  1. ICE


    Love it! Although CJ did cross the line, but then again; didn’t he rip the Angels when he was a member of the Rangers? Is this CJ being CJ? I cannot help but wonder. Is the Wilson/Napoli situation the ember that lights the whole thing on fire. It should be a fun season.


  2. This is a very simple game...

    Except the first item (which is only funny when both players in question have a history of such pranks on one another and seem to both take enjoyment in the oneupsmanship of it, clearly not the case here) I am loving all of this. This weekend’s games were both close, tight, grudge match games and I think that is the way this entire season will look in the AL West. I already have my tickets for the Saturday game the first time your team comes to Anaheim in June. Can’t wait! It should be fun!
    — Kristen