New Year, New Name

Long-term readers know this site’s original name was “World Series 40, Rangers Fan 0.”

It had a certain ring to it. A paean to being a fan of a team of lovable losers over a long period of time. Some readers said the title was what brought them to the blog in the first place.

When the original Senators made the World Series, the title naturally changed to “World Series 41, Rangers Fan 1”. It still showed the longevity while honoring the achievement of the Rangers’ first ever World Series appearance.

Another appearance later and the questions began, mostly asking when the title would be changed to “World Series 42, Rangers Fan 2.”

Problem is, keeping the theme going through the Rangers’ success seems to have taken away a little bit of the humor the original title had. For the Texas Rangers are now no longer lovable losers, they are annual contenders, with all indications that this ownership group is sincerely interested in making a long-term commitment to winning, something the Dallas-Fort Worth area has not seen on the baseball scene before.

So, in considering a new title for this small planet of the Internet Universe, I wanted to get back to something that not only conveyed who my favorite team is, but also managed to keep its sense of humor concerning my history of following them. Two World Series appearances in as many years is great, but not sealing the deal the past two years has been as frustrating as hoping for even a playoff appearance each of the 4o years previous to that.

With that in mind, this blog has a new name listed above, which I hope conveys that feeling almost as well as the original title did. And I thank you for your continued visits.



  1. shoptaw70

    Nice change. While Game 6 had to be painful for you, I’m glad to see you can accept it and move on.

    Maybe this year they’ll get that last strike!

  2. This is a very simple game...

    I love the new name…of course I loved your original concept too and think this is a nice continuation of it. While the specifics of the two strikes frustration is unique to your fanbase I think all baseball fans can relate to periods of frustration, sometimes affectionate, sometimes less so, with our teams.
    — Kristen