Yu Light Up My Life

It took every second of the 30 day negotiating period, but Yu Darvish officially is now a Texas Ranger, having signed a 6-year, $60 million contract. Frankly, if he ends up being as good as advertised, $10 mil a year for six years might look like a bargain (although if you include the massive posting fee to the Nippon Ham Fighters, it averages out to more like $18 mil a year).

There’s only one thing we know for sure is going to happen- every possible pun using the word “Yu” is going to be seen throughout the 2012 baseball season and beyond, but mostly in the first year. Taking the musical route, here is the first partial list of possibilities (and the artists who made the original song).

Song Played A Year Ago Before Anyone In America Knew Who Darvish Was:Who Are Yu”, The Who

Song Heard in the Dallas Metroplex at 4 PM CST Today:Yu Belong To Me”, Carly Simon

Song Played In All But One Other Major League Market at 4 PM CST Today:Forget Yu”, Cee-Lo Green

Song Played In New York City At 4 PM CST Today:F*** Yu”, Cee-Lo Green

Song Played At Darvish’s First Rangers Start:I Love Yu”, Climax Blues Band

Song Darvish Will Sing Before Every Start:I’m In Yu”, Peter Frampton

Song Played The First Time Darvish Gets Shelled In A Game:Yu Always Hurt The One Yu Love”, The Mills Brothers

Song To Be Played When Texas Wins The World Series:Yu Make My Dreams Come True”, Hall & Oates

Feel free to add your own Yu puns in the comments. Get it out of yu system.



  1. Mike Luna

    I did something similar at my personal site not too long ago, although I didn’t put the same thought into when these songs might be played.

    My list included:
    Cool Enough for Yu (Five Iron Frenzy)
    Crazy on Yu (Heart)
    Dreaming of Yu (The Coral)
    How Yu Like Me Now? (The Heavy)
    Howlin’ for Yu (The Black Keys)
    I Want Yu to Want Me (Cheap Trick)
    Love Yu Madly (Cake)
    No One Like Yu (Scorpions)
    Someone Like Yu (Adele)
    Stuck in the Middle with Yu (Stealers Wheel)
    Yu Can’t Always Get What Yu Want (Rolling Stones)
    Yu Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)

    • An Original Senators Fan

      I really like some of these. Wish I’d thought of them and put them in the post myself! Thanks for visiting my neck of the woods.