Time For Drastic Action: Red Sox 6, Rangers 0

For those expecting a diatribe of all the things the Rangers’ front office needs to do to right the ship before it sinks in the AL West, this is not the article.

No, short and sweet, this is the drastic action that needs to occur. Your humble scribe is going to make no attempt to watch or listen to the first two games of the weekend series with the 2nd place Angels. No attempt whatsoever. No TV, no radio, no bringing up Gametracker on MLB.com or any other sports website while the game is being played.

There’s a method to this here madness. When the wife and I went on a week and a half vacation in early July, ignoring games on a daily basis, the Rangers went and ripped off a 13-game winning streak, most of it not even remotely witnessed by yours truly.

The last winning streak, a mere two weeks ago, largely occurred on a West Coast road trip, thus I could only watch part of the games before having to get my beauty rest.

In other words, Texas seems to do better without me watching every breath they take, every move they make, every vow they break and every step they take.

This new attitude o’ mine started last night, the second the Red Sox extended their lead to 6-0 in the third consecutive wretched pitching performance from a Rangers starter, in this case Alexi Ogando. Now, the Rangers didn’t come back to win the game after I turned off the TV in disgust. At the same time, the score never got worse after I had finally had enough punishment for three days. It remained 6-0 to the very end.

So I figure if I don’t pay them no never mind, maybe they’ll win the next two. At least one win is essential this weekend. Lose all three and the team will suddenly find themselves in second place with six games against Tampa Bay and three more with the Red Sox coming up next and six of those nine on the road. Not a good position to be in.

Please guys. Win without me. You’ve done it before. This weekend it’s time to do it again!



  1. ICE


    Unfortunately your pain is my joy, and that’s the way it is for division rivals. The Halo bombers may be in their hangars, honestly I’m still waiting for the bats to wake up especially our left fielder Vernon Wells. It seems like the injection of youth is really helping my team, what can I say, it seems that with Jared Weaver singing in long-term contract the Angels are going the right direction. Add to that, Dan Haren and Ervin Santana and it appears that we now have three legitimate aces in our deck of cards. I’m beginning to think that in a short series we can be really dangerous, all we really need is a three-man rotation and run support and honestly think we can defeat any team in the league.

    Like I said before, it’s going to be a wild West shootout, the Rangers may have won the division last year, but I remind you that we were not anywhere near the team last year that we have been in recent years. It appears somewhat that we are back and ready to give the Rangers a run for their money. It’s going to be an interesting 30 games. We’ll see who comes out on top, for my sake I hope it is the team in red. In the words of Jack Nicholson in a red Angels’ jersey “here’s Johnny!”.

    -ICE http://the-angels-ace.mlblogs.com/

    • An Original Senators Fan

      Great series this weekend, ICE! I must say I didn’t follow through on my drastic measures- I sat out Friday’s game but couldn’t resist tuning in Saturday night. Trust me, after that game and falling behind 4-1 Sunday, I was ruing the fact I was watching at all, I was starting to feel that much like a curse on my team. But we pulled it out last night to go back up 3. Your guys have the starting pitching and, even though I don’t like your offensive line-up, they are a scrappy bunch. Good luck the rest of the way….just not TOO much! Steve