4-0 vs. Bosox after 4-0 Win

Immediate reactions following Monday’s 4-0 Texas Rangers win over the Red Sox:

1) Look for Ian Kinsler‘s game-ending play to throw out speedy Carl Crawford at first. One of the best plays of the season. Gold.

2) When he was first acquired, I thought of Mike Napoli as strictly a platoon player. Boy, am I happy to admit I was wrong.

3) The Uehara-Adams combo worked like it was supposed to for one of the first times since their acquisition.

4) Koji Uehara could throw two pitches in the time it takes Eric Bedard to throw one.

5) CJ Wilson is going to become a very rich man this off-season and I sure hope it’s the Rangers that make him so.

The lead is up to 4 1/2.


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  1. mlblogsyossif

    Way to go Rangers! The Rays really appreciate the Ranger’s help shutting down Boston to keep pace after losing to the invincible Justin Verlander. I think the Rangers are actually going to surprise a lot of people in the postseason, they’re a strong team that reinforced their bullpen at the Trade Deadline.
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