Winning Ugly: Rangers 20, Twins 6

The ESPN’s of the world will tell you all the superlatives about Monday’s thrashing of the Minnesota Twins. There are quite a few “highest this” and highest thats” to be read, as well as a number of “only the 8th time since 1920” and “only the 20th time since…”.

Instead, I will point two interesting positive stats before bringing up the REAL subject of the column. First, despite having more of the “No Name” pitching staff, the Rangers are the only team in baseball right now with four ten game winners (CJ Wilson, Colby Lewis, Matt Harrison, Alexi Ogando). With last night’s win by Derek Holland, Texas also boasts the only staff in the bigs with five 9-game winners. That shows A) Texas starting pitchers are pitching deep into ball games and B) despite the woes of the bullpen, they generally win games they have the lead in for the starters.

Now for the REAL subject. Monday was one ugly win. Lost amid the three hit and four hit games of most of the starting offensive line-up, there was a lot of ugly to be seen by the winners. There were four errors committed in the game by the winners. Two of the errors went to 3rd baseman Chris Davis, who also suffered the brutal legacy of being the only Rangers starter not to get a hit at 0-6 with two strikeouts. With Adrian Beltre on the DL, this is Davis’ last chance to impress the fans and Rangers brass and he just did not have it last night.

Embarrassing, too, was the performance of the Rangers bullpen, particularly Arthur Rhodes. Rhodes is already skating on thin ice and giving up a three run home run and throwing over 30 pitches in an inning of work did not help his cause. In addition, Scott Feldman and Neftali Feliz also gave up runs in relief. I think if the game had gone 14 innings, the Twins just might have come back!

Still, it was a big win and Texas picked up a game on the Angels as well. I just wish it had looked better than the final score indicated.



  1. Robert

    I am from the same hometown as CD and am friends with one of his baseball coaches in the summer leagues from Longview where he grew up. I could not agree more with this article. Come on CD, it is your time to shine and 0 for 6 and errors is not going to cut it for your chances to stay with the Rangers or be traded or for your chances to prove that you even belong in the Big Leagues.

  2. WrigleyRegular

    Great stat about the starting pitchers. I think all 5 getting 14+ wins is a possibility, although that (14×5) has only happened twice in the last 30+ years.