Rain Rain Go Away (For Just A Little While): Rangers, A’s Split 1-1

Some 30 years ago, I was the Sports Director at a small town western Nebraska radio station and actually received hate mail from a listener when I said I hoped the rain being forecast for the area would hold off just long enough for a scheduled high school track meet to take place. Said listener reminded me of the number of farmers in this agricultural community who were “on their knees praying for moisture” and how inappropriate my comments were. This despite the fact I didn’t say I didn’t want it to rain, just that it would hold off long enough for the meet to take place.

With that in mind, those of you who don’t live in the Lone Star State may not know how dry this state has been in 2011. Statewide burn bans have been in effect. Thousands of acres have caught fire. In a word, rain is desperately needed here.

Still, I couldn’t help but think yesterday how nice it would have been for the rain to hold off just long enough for the Rangers and A’s to get the game in. Hey, I’m praying for moisture as much as the next guy, but the fan in me can’t help but notice that we seemed to be getting into an offensive groove again and, with an off day on Thursday, something like this storm could bring the momentum to a quick halt.

Talk about frustrating. After a two week malaise, the Rangers finally got their bats back in a 7-2 win on Tuesday. They were rolling again Wednesday, riding Mitch Moreland’s grand slam to a 7-0 lead over the A’s after 3 innings. Then the rains came. And they didn’t go away. And they didn’t go away.

Many fans here are wondering why the game was called off, even though the water had been coming down steadily for over two hours when the game was called. Both teams are off on Thursday, so what would have been the harm in waiting the storm out?

My guess is, so much rain had already fallen the grounds crew couldn’t guarantee a playable field for awhile even after the rains stopped. And this team is banged up enough right now that it would be foolhardy to play with so many puddles in the outfield that might lead to more injuries.

And yet, I still wish they had held up just long enough…

I’d better stop. Even 30 years later, that angry farmer may still be around and want to write me another letter.


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