Looking Up At First Place: Angels 2 Games, Rangers 1

I’ll say it. At this point of the season, the Angels deserve to be in first place. They’re hitting better, they’re pitching better, they’re playing better defense.

That being said, I still believe the 2011 Rangers are a better team than the Angels and that they’ll prevail once the season ends (barring more injuries). Even in dropping their first two home games of the year, Texas had some positives in the set.

What’s Working

CJ Wilson got some of his mojo back,
striking out nine and walking only one in giving up just a single run in the Rangers win in Game 1.
Michael Young is thriving in the 3 hole in place of the injured Josh Hamilton.
Matt Harrison, even in defeat in Game 3, pitched his 4th consecutive quality start. He just had the misfortune of facing the best pitcher in the American League right now in Jered Weaver.
Mitch Moreland continues his steady hitting and Elvis Andrus appears to be coming out of his slump.

What’s Not Working

Unfortunately, too much
and just about all of it was shown in the Game 2 15-4 beatdown the Angels inflicted on the Rangers.
On the pitching side, new father Colby Lewis hasn’t looked like the 2010 Colby Lewis all year, Michael Kirkman got shelled and earned a trip back to Round Rock, and Mason Tobin got hurt and may be gone for the season.
For a team that is supposed to play good defense, there’s been some shoddy play out there. Even defensive utility man Andres Blanco dropped an easy pop-up. Mental laziness.
Offensively, Texas is showing no consistency. Nelson Cruz’ boomstick has stopped booming, Ian Kinsler is still struggling, and, outside of Michael Young, nobody seems to be hitting the ball with much authority. Hitting with runners in scoring position has been abysmal lately. To top it off, when runners get on, they’ve been getting picked off. Putrid.

After an off day, the surprising Kansas City Royals come to Arlington. Hopefully the day off will bring some semblance of the defending AL champions back. As it stands right now, this is a team trying to find its identity again.



  1. ICE

    It should be an interesting season between our two teams, it looks like now we have to worry about the Oakland Athletics as well. In fact that all four teams in the American League West hold the first four spots in team ERA in all of Major League Baseball is something that we can both b proud of.

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m back, and I hope that it’s an exciting season between our two teams. Go Angels!


    • An Original Senators Fan

      Glad to have you back Isaac. Good luck to the Angels….just not too much! 😉