Very Punny!

Warning: I take no credit for any of the following. I did not write any of these (although some I wish I had).

Crossword puzzles are a spare time hobby of mine. I’ve been working on a big book of Sunday New York Times Crosswords that was given to me at Christmas. Last night, I worked on a puzzle from 1998 titled “Bases Loaded.” It was constructed by Fran & Lou Sabin. Here is a selection of some of the clues and the answers:

Definition                                                                         Answer

Coffee Filter                                                                     Grounds Keeper

Drama in Three Acts                                                        Triple Play

Plastered at a picnic                                                         High and Outside

Full Shopping Cart                                                            Four Bagger

Apply cosmetics to wild animals                                         Makeup game

December 25th                                                                 Opening Day

Bromo Salesman                                                               Relief Pitcher


And my personal favorite:

Robinson and Thomas                                                     Ballpark Franks

Baseball season can’t get here soon enough… 



  1. 40 Year Ranger Fan

    I would’ve loved some of those even if I had to look at the answers to find ’em!