Refreshing The Batteries For Game 3

One of my earliest readers, a devoted Pirates fan, has spent most of the past two decades watching and cheering his team on through thin and thinner (there has been no thick) to the point where it’s amazing he can still come back for more. It’s amazing how masochistic we fans can be.

Anyway, as much despair as I have been in over the final results of the first two games of the first World Series my lifelong favorite team has played in, it took a fan of 2010’s worst team to put the smile back on my face and the optimistic spring back in my step.

Here’s what he sent me in an e-mail yesterday (and Russell, I hope you don’t mind my quoting you today):

1960 World Series.  Yankees outscored the Pirates by an obscene margin, but the Pirates won the Series in 7.  In 1971 the Pirates lost the first two games to Baltimore and came back to win the Series in 7.  In 1979 the Pirates were down 3 games to 1 and came back to win the Series.  1985.  The Royals lost the first two games at home, but came back to win the Series in 7.  Rangers will come back and win this. 
 The Rangers are NOT out of this thing yet and they won’t be out of it until the Giants have secured a 4th win. I am ready for tonight to be the Rangers 1st win. Thanks for the confidence boost, my friend!


  1. kristyr

    Hey. Your Rangers are definitely not out of the series! (I picked them to win in seven) I grew up a Pirates’ fan, just like your friend. It’s tough to root for a team with all the losing. I’m excited for the Rangers and their chance to win their first ever World Series. You have a lot of great guys on the team, and look to be good for years to come. Best of luck! And stay positive! =)

    • 40 Year Ranger Fan

      Thanks for the kind words, Kristy. Rangers came up short but they’ll be back next year!