Monty Python Revisited: Giants 9, Rangers 0

For 7 1/2 innings, baseball fans were treated to a game worthy of the World Series. The Giants clung to a 2-0 lead (2-1 if not for either 2 inches or a lucky bounce off the top of the wall). No blame to assign. The Giants first run was a home run on a pitch out of the strike zone, so it wasn’t a mistake pitch. The second run came home on a bloop single- just one of the breaks of the game. It was a classic in the making.

Then came the bottom of the 8th and it felt like the return of a Monty Python sketch for Rangers fans.

“We apologize for replacing Darren O’Day with Derek Holland. In hindsight we can clearly see that Mr. O’Day had been doing an effective job and had secured two outs with no runners scoring. We apologize for bringing Mr. Holland into the game.”

“We would like to apologize for the previous apology. It is now clear to us that, although Mr. Holland failed to retire a hitter and, in fact, walked one batter home, it was clearly an error on our part to replace him with Mr. Lowe. For it is now clear to us a pitcher who walks a batter is clearly superior to a pitcher who gives up hits. Again, we apologize.”

“We would like to interrupt the previous apology for a new apology. We now would like to apologize for ever having put Mr. Lowe on the World Series roster. We apologize for bringing him into a game for the second night in a row to enjoy the same success he enjoyed the first time we utilized him. Please, accept our apology…and the apology before that…and the apology before that. Thank you.”

For those who have followed this blog throughout the season and have learned about the Texas Rangers from me because you were not able to see or hear much about them where you live, I would like to offer my apologies. I’m sorry the team you are now able to see in the World Series is not in any way, shape or form resembling the team I’ve been faithfully telling you about these past six months.

If it had ended a 2-0 game, or even 3-0, I would have easily accepted this one. Matt Cain was a superior pitcher for the Giants. CJ Wilson matched him almost pitch for pitch. There would have been no shame in either team losing this one. The 8th inning, however, was as putrid a display as I have seen this team have in all of 2010.

This one is so bad I refuse to even look at the message boards of the Rangers fan sites. It would only depress me further.

Derek Holland, who seemed to turn such a corner in the ALCS against the Yankees, couldn’t find the strike zone. Mrs. Mariner Fan-Ranger Fan was watching him and feeling sorry for him, because she could see the fear in his eyes. Lowe just never should have been added to the roster for the Series. Dustin Nippert or Scott Feldman would have been better options and even they aren’t that good this year. Michael Kirkman, bless you for finally getting the last out of the 8th, even though you didn’t pitch much better.

I could understand not going to Neftali Feliz at first. When Holland walked in the first run, it was still only 3-0. If the Rangers came back in the 9th, the closer would still be needed. Once it got to 6-0, though… Come on, Ron Washington, bring in Feliz and stop the bleeding! Instead we had to suffer… and suffer some more… and suffer even more.

Off day today, back to Texas for the next three (at least I hope it’s 3 and not 2).

For those who think this is a down post, I apologize…


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  1. ajbrandt

    This game left me feeling so deflated. I had never wanted to cry while while watching a sporting event like I did last night.

    Hopefully, the 3 games at home (and AL rules) will right this ship.