World Series Eve

As the Rangers prepare for Game 1 with the Giants Wednesday night, I couldn’t help but be reminded of some baseball history. Seeing the Giants with all of their bearded relief pitchers reminded me of this team from the past:

House of David.jpgThe House of David was a baseball team was a Jewish religious colony that started in Benton Harbor, Michigan. They had a barnstorming baseball team that played fundraising games across the country off and on from 1920 through the mid-50’s. Their teams were famous for their bearded players and their long hair.



  1. sfgyrosfan

    That is an astute observation, RF. It had not occurred to me before. It got me to look up the religion of “Three Finger” Mordecai Brown and I found out that he pitched three innings against the House of David in 1928 (at 51 years of age) as a favor to his local Terra Haute ballclub and struck out all 9 batters he faced. Wow!

    Good luck tonight (but not too much). I’m hoping for a two-sided slugfest. Unfortuately, I’ll be at my niece’s wedding reception this evening instead of in front of a t.v. This is a vulnerable game for my Giants IMO so we shall see how well the Rangers can rebound….

    ~~S.F. Gyros Fan~~

    • 40 Year Ranger Fan

      Rebound we did, but it was a close one. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and good luck to your Giants (but, like you, not TOO much luck).