My Favorite Things

My 20 favorite things that occured between 4PM and 10:15PM Central Daylight Time on October 12, 2010:

1) Getting a text from my oldest, who spent his formative years in Washington state and is a lifelong Mariners fan, saying “I’m rooting hard for your boys tonight. Go Rangers!”

2) Having a webchat with my daughter and Rangers Fan-In-Law and seeing my 21-month-old grandson say “Go Rangers!” for the first time. Rangers Fan-In-Law is raising that boy right.

3) Seeing my devoted wife, Mrs. Mariners Fan-Rangers Fan come home from work, go to the bedroom and, without prompting, immediately putting on her Rangers jersey.

4) Getting my Josh Hamilton shirt out of the laundry basket and putting it on for the first time in the playoffs, whether it was stinky or not!

5) Elvis Andrus scoring from second on a groundout in the first inning. 1-0 Rangers.

6) Mitch Moreland almost catching a pop-up bunt, but coming close enough that the runner on first stopped going to second, putting two runners on first. First out of the game for the Rays.

7) Moreland again, making a great catch in foul ground in the bottom of the first while somehow avoiding everyone when he fell into the photographers’ well after the catch.

8) Ian Kinsler laying back on David Price’s breaking ball and punching it through for a single- twice!

9) Bengie Molina steals second- a highlight in anyone’s book!

10) Cliff Lee alertly throwing home to keep the go-ahead run from scoring in the 3rd.

11) Michael Young keeping the baserunner on second from advancing to third on the same play.

12) Nelson Cruz stealing third and coming home on a throwing error in the 4th. 2-1 Rangers.

13) Vlad Guerrero taking the extra base and scoring when Ian Kinsler beats the throw to first to avert the double play in the 6th. 3-1 Rangers.

14) Ian Kinsler hitting a 2-run jack off Rafael Soriano in the top of the 9th. 5-1 Rangers.

15) Cliff Lee, Cliff Lee, Cliff Lee. CG, 6 Hits, 1 Run, 0 Walks, 11 K’s

16) Rangers 5, Rays 1.

17) Getting a phone call from 17-Year-Ranger Fan 30 seconds after the game was over.

18) Getting another text from my eldest telling me maybe I should’ve started doing this blog sooner. Hmmm, could I have been the difference maker? Sure, what the heck. I’ll take personal credit for it!

19) The road team winning every game of the 2010 ALDS.

20) Getting to the ALCS for the first time ever!

Cloud 9.




  1. pmk1981

    I STILL have a big smile on my face after last night’s win…bring on the Yankees 😀

  2. splodie

    21) Seeing my class act team soaking each other in ginger ale rather than champagne so Josh and CJ could participate in the post-game festivities.

    I’m a recovering addict – it was very touching to see that the team’s equipment manager thought of that. Good on ya.

  3. bucsblogger

    Heard a good one on the local sports talk radio here in Pittsburgh. A guy calls in and points out that the Pirates are in need of starting pitching (amazing the insight into the game these callers have) and this Lee pitcher for Texas is going to be a free agent. Maybe the Pirates can sign him in the off season. No doubt a comedian. As if.

    Congratulations on the Texas victory. The country was probably split between those rooting for the Rays and those rooting for the Rangers. But from here on out, make no mistake about it, the entire country, outside of New York, will become Rangers fans.

    I’m hoping it will be the Ranger in 4.

    Win or lose, Enjoy the ride.

    Meanwhile, we Pirates fans are left only with memories of how it used to be. Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Bill Mazeroski’s Game 7 walk off homer that defeated the Yankees in the 1960 World Series.

    How cool would it be if Josh Hamilton sent a Mariana Rivera fastball over the wall for a similar walk off.

    Go Rangers! Defeat the Evil Empire!