Thanks For Nothing: A’s 5, Rangers 0

You want to know who the two hardest working people at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington Saturday night? They were two teenage girls sitting in our same section in left field. They struggled all night to get a wave started in the stands. Time after time after time. They finally succeeded in the 8th inning to get the crowd of over 47,000 on their feet. The Rangers sure didn’t get us going all night.

In May I saw the good Rich Harden in person. Last night it was the bad one. The wife and I had a delicious dinner at the ballpark’s Diamond Club. Note to Chuck Greenberg: Let fans in on the fact they should call ahead for reservations at the Diamond Club. We didn’t know and had to wait 45 minutes for a table. Because of this, we weren’t ready to go to our seats until after the game had started. Sure enough, we were already down a run by the time we got there.

Honestly, it wasn’t a good night for the fans. It was hot and there was no breeze at all, but we stuck it out. I’ve never sat out in left field before and found it a lot harder to track the balls off the bat. I never even saw Oakland’s home run by the right field foul pole. I thought it was just a foul ball until I saw two A’s circling the bases.

The Rangers offense did nothing the whole night- one double and three singles. The closest threat to Dallas Braden was Elvis Andrus sitting on third with two outs in the 9th, only to see Vlad Guerrero pop up to end the game.

Derek Holland, replacing Frank Francisco on the roster, relieved Harden in the 5th. The good news is Holland saved the bullpen by going the rest of the way. His line looks pretty good: 4 2/3 innings only one run given up. Honestly, though, Holland didn’t pitch that well. He struggled to throw more strikes than balls overall and I’d say he escaped without a lot of damage.. It could have been worse.

Thankfully, the Angels and Mariners once again lost so even in defeat, the Rangers keep creeping towards the division crown. Colby Lewis goes on Sunday and he doesn’t have to face Trevor Cahill for a change. This time it’s Gio Gonzalez, but he’s given the Rangers fits in the past as well. This will also be the last of the five southpaws in a row stretch, thank God.

Speaking of which, the Mercy Me concert before the game was pretty good. Josh Hamilton came out in uniform and spoke to the crowd in the middle of the show. Attention, ESPN The Magazine readers: The Mag is doing an article on Josh in the next couple of issues. They were out yesterday doing a photo shoot with Hambo at the Ballpark. I took the ballpark tour and passed the photo shoot site as they were setting up. I’ll have a separate post on the tour later.

We leave the Metroplex with a heavy heart over not seeing the Rangers win, but I still have to say any night at the ballpark is a good night when you love the game!


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  1. splodie

    I didn’t see you, but then again by the middle of the game I decided that making pizza was more fun. 🙂

    Have a good trip home.