16 Year Ranger Fan

So I have been given the weighty task of carrying on in my father’s footsteps for the next couple of days.  As such I felt that as 40 Year Ranger Fan had done, I should share a little about my history of being a Rangers fan.

I spent the little league years of my life growing up in Maryland, where naturally I jumped on board with the other kids my age and cheered for the Orioles…I know I know what was I thinking?  My dad even tells the story to this day of he took me to a Rangers-O’s game when I was about 9 or 10 and how I razzed him with the rest of the O’s fans.  Fortunately, I got smart a few years later. 
When I was about 12 or 13 years old I went to visit Dallas with my dad and he decided to take me to a couple of games at the old stadium.  At this point I had two choices, 1) I could continue to go against my dad and cheer for the Blue Jays (who the Rangers were playing in both games) or 2) I could sit back and cheer for the Rangers.  I fortunately decided on the latter.  I think the Rangers lost both games, but I remember cheering my heart out for the Rangers, this was in the days of Juan Gonzalez, Rafael Palmeiro, Nolan Ryan, and Pudge Rodriguez…the first time.  I never looked back.  I came back to Maryland a full blown Rangers fan, cheering everytime for the Rangers when they played the Orioles. 
Of course this was in the days before you could pay a fee and see every game from every team and all I could do was watch the Rangers when they played the Orioles.  I remember one night when I was 15 sitting in a truck listening as the Rangers demolished the Orioles with a 7th inning flurry of runs that was incredible.  If the Rangers weren’t playing the Orioles I had to content myself with checking the sports page of the paper every morning to find out how they had done.
I have since then never wavered in my support of this team and have been heartbroken year in and year out, even when we made the playoffs only to be quickly ousted by the Yankees each time.  I still live in Maryland, although I did spend 10 years living in the promised land of Texas, and I make it a point to try and get to a Rangers game whenever they are in town and proudly go to Orioles and Nationals games wearing my Rangers gear and cheering on Kinsler, Hamilton, and Young as well as all the young players we have seen come up through the years.  I have had years of heartache with this team, but even in the down years they have always given me their best and as a fan that is all I can ever ask for.

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  1. reese@affordablepcrepair.com

    man those were the days… and yea I am in the same boat as you guys.. I have been a rangers fan for the last 20 years and I really believe we have been provided with a very nice opportunity this season. I just hope we capitalize on it.