Dreams Exceed Reality: Angels 2, Rangers 1

I was dreaming of a Rangers win. Literally.

Hate to say it, but a 40-year Ranger fan can’t handle these West Coast games as well as he used to. After making it through the first two games and still getting to work on time the next morning, the Z’s caught up to me on what was probably the best game of the bunch, sitting on the edge of your seat wise.

But it was not to be. At dozing off time, it was 1-0 Angels. At waking up time, it was postgame show already.

Reading some of my favorite fan sites, we apparantly blew a chance to tie it up in the 8th with the bases loaded when a Fernando Rodney pitch went to the backstop. Michael Young didn’t try to score from third because the ball caromed so hard off the backstop, then Nelson Cruz popped out to end the threat. Did Young hesitate a split second too long, thus robbing him of the chance to tie it up? Would he have been thrown out regardless? Who knows?

What I do know is Jared Weaver must get his due for the Angels. He is the first pitcher to shut out the Rangers since Ricky Romero’s complete game effort for the Blue Jays on May 15th. If we had done better against Weaver, that 8th inning situation might have been a non-factor. I’m actually more concerned with Nelson Cruz at this point than whether Michael Young could have broken for the plate sooner. While he hasn’t exactly been slumping since his return from the DL, Cruz certainly has not been thumping the ball with authority. The Rangers need to see Cruz get some of that power back.

I do not like losing any series to the Angels, home or away. I do take comfort in knowing the Rangers were not blown out in any game. There is no shame in losing two of three to a good team on the road. Just don’t make it a habit.

Now it’s three at home against the White Sox, who were winning 11 in a row at the same time the Rangers were. The Chisox came out of interleague play and dropped two in a row to the Royals. I hope we get that White Sox team this weekend!


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