Maybe If I Boycott Target…: Twins 8, Rangers 3

Got to watch today’s game on the Fox nationwide feed and Target Field is one beautiful ballpark. It was also great to see a sold out ballpark for a game in May as well. Twins fans, you should be proud!

Here is a picture of the field before they opened taken from the window of the office building where my sister works (thanks, Sis!).


IMG00073.jpgThat said, Target Field is turning out to be no friendlier to Texas than the Metrodome. CJ Wilson pitched five great innings, a so-so sixth and a completely forgettable seventh when the Twins plated six runs to come roaring back from a 2-0 deficit to easily top the Lone Star Lawmen. We have now lost five of six, continue to perform poorly in day games and continue to stink it up on the road (1-3 on this trip so far, 8-14 overall). Thus, we could find ourselves in second place by the time the clock strikes 10 PM.

I should have known bad things were going to happen. Justin Smoak, my least favorite Rangers in terms of performance, had a double and smoked one (or is that Smoaked one?) to center field that was caught but came close to being another double. Then my second least favorite Ranger in terms of performance, Julio Borbon, somehow managed two hits (neither were particularly hard hit), two RBI and a stolen base to provide all the Rangers runs going into the 6th. When those two are both producing, I should think of it as akin to a black cat crossing my path. It only happens if there’s a deal with the devil involved. Sure enough, payback came later in the same game.

To that point, CJ Wilson was pitching a one-hit gem. Only problem was he couldn’t get through the Twins line-up the third time around. Orlando Hudson hit one over the wall in the 6th to tie it at 2-2. “OK,” I thought, “CJ will at least pitch through the 7th and save the bullpen a little bit.” Wrong again. Wilson couldn’t get an out in the 7th. Chris Ray didn’t do much better and by the time the inning ended, twelve Twins had gone to the plate and the game was pretty much out of reach.

So I can say the good news is the bottom third of the order actually came through for a change, even if I take that as a bad omen. The bad news is the top of the order got hits but couldn’t score runs (due in part to three Twins DP’s in the first three innings).

By the way, I mentioned yesterday my theory that maybe opposing teams are targeting Michael Young at third base, seeing him as a weak link. Today’s game: Six ground balls to MY, 0 grounders to Elvis Andrus. Maybe there’s something to this theory.

Seeing as the AL West is a weak division, there’s still a good chance the Rangers could finish in first this year. In all honesty, though, unless things change from the way they are now, this team has no chance of making a deep playoff run.

The Rangers come into this season as the fourth youngest team in the majors, so maybe they’ll make big strides this year. I just don’t see them being enough to be a true title contender this year. Please prove me wrong.


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  1. twnzfan

    Nice comments about Target Field. I was there for the home opener and it is wonderful to behold! Not sure if I like the lack of homers it allows so far, but that may change later in the summer. Sorry to sweep your Rangers (my daughter lives in Euless, TX), but it looks like they’re in the thick of things in the West.