Random Musings

Since the Rangers have already shown they are willing to make decisions early and often this year in the quest for a pennant, here are two possibilities that could (or should) be considered:

Julio Borbon is not hitting. The Rangers need a plate-setter at the top of the line-up, someone who takes pitches, gets on base, has speed and doesn’t hit so many fly balls. Until he starts getting it together, why not flip-flop Borbon and Elvis Andrus in the line-up? The Rangers like the idea of having Andrus on base with Borbon coming up. The same strategy should apply to having Borbon on base with Andrus coming up.

Taylor Teagarden calls a great game and plays good defense. He also hasn’t come close to smelling a hit, has struck out about half the time and was only 1 for two on sacrifice attempts Monday. The guess here is, unless he starts hitting, Matt Treanor will stay and Teagarden will be optioned to Oklahome City when Jarrod Saltalamacchia returns from the DL.